The Law Offices of Gary Conklin, Super Spy

Dealing with the legal system isn’t so easy. There are laws on things you may have never thought of, surprising defenses, and disappointing courtroom defeats. 

When you’re trying to balance a day job in the courtroom, while getting intel on international criminals for a secret government organization . . . Let’s just say, I’m going to need another shot of espresso. 

You heard that right—when I’m not fighting international crime organizations or seeking out my nemesis, I live as a lawyer in a city. Of course, it’s not easy, leading a double life. There are romantic partners, dinner parties, and all sorts of real-life things that must also be juggled. Truly, multi-tasking is a tough skill to master. Fortunately, I’ve got a keen eye for disguises, good covers, and keeping secrets. 

The Man, the Myth, the Secret Agent

Naturally, I am trained in the law, both national and international. One doesn’t become a legendary secret agent without knowing the legal system, no? However, that’s only barely a day job. In fact, I’m also employed as a window washer, a maitre’d, and a pet therapist. You never know where your next mission might take you. 

I assure you, too, that Gary Conklin isn’t my real name. “Conklin” is derived from the Dutch word “konkelen,” which means “conspirator.” Clever, eh? 

You can expect more of that, too. I happen to enjoy leaving little clues in my so-called day job. So far, no one has caught on, and the thrill remains too great to deny. 

Why a Website?

“But Mr. Conklin,” I hear you saying, “what’s the purpose of making a website about your legal pursuits and secret agent stories if your secret identity is at risk?”

The point, my dear readers, is that I’m a storyteller with quite a few stories up my sleeves, and a few in secret pockets, just in case. When you have thrilling adventures of being a lawyer, faking your own death to learn more, and using all that intel for a secret missions? Well, you already want to hear more, don’t you? 

Besides, I’m careful enough already to avoid detection, and really, I am a bit of a thrillseeker. Any opportunity to push the envelope, as they say, will always draw me in. It comes with the job, really. While my role as Mr. Conklin may be a touch suspect now, but really, who’s going to believe all this anyway? 

Stories of Justice, In Court and Out

If you’re looking for daring tales of adventure, courtroom drama, and exciting twists and turns, look no further. My role as master spy is a part of my life that I have few opportunities to share. Now, I can get into the exciting details with my dear readers. 

If you’ve wondered what it is that we secret agents even do between missions, you’ll find the answers here, too. I understand that, truly, I’m a fascinating person, and the people could use a good story. That’s why I’m here to keep things exciting. 

When possible, I’ll condense my adventures down to a story here on the blog, just a quick update on my progress. While for me, it’s just another Tuesday, do keep in mind that the details may cause gasping, swooning, and even fainting. Read carefully. 

If you’re curious about what the spy with many names and just as many occupations does in his free time, find out here. All the excitement you can stand can be found on these very pages.