Defusing a Bad Situation

Uncategorized / Monday, March 16th, 2020

This week, I had a little bit of a dire situation on my hands. Oh, I’m fine, as well as a few city blocks that were nearly very much not fine, but it was a close call. For the next few days, I plan to stay home with the blinds closed to recover. 

Still, it’s certainly the high-octane entertainment people seem to crave, so I’ll share. Just a few days ago, I defused a bomb that was set to blow up some official buildings in the middle of Milwaukee. Here’s how things went: 

An Evil Plot 

I was visiting Wisconsin on a little trip for business. I was sent to find a rogue secret agent, a Ms. Lynne Glass. She was a master of disguise, able to blend into any situation, so I also had to be disguised. I knew a Milwaukee car accident attorney in the area, so I knew my usual choices weren’t an option here. Instead of that, I chose to dress as a sanitation worker. 

It was… a little messy, to say the least. But, it gave me a grand view of the city from the ground up, without garnering any undue attention. 

That’s when I spotted her—latex wrinkles and all! She had disguised herself as a judge, and she was heading into the building. 

I knew I’d have to act fast, so I made an excuse to hop off and run inside. I caught her in the foyer—literally. We both went down in a football-style tackle that, admittedly, was something I knew I’d be writing about as soon as it happened. 

What I didn’t expect was to find notes about some bombs hidden under the courthouse. 

The Clock Is Ticking

It wasn’t long after that my cover was totally blown. Of course, it’s hard to maintain when you’re sprinting headlong through a crowded courthouse, shouting for everyone to get out. Luckily, the guards acted fast, though a few chased me instead. Still, I had no time for pleasantries—I dashed down the stairs and started looking. 

The perpetrator, who I had left with the guards, had secured the bombs to the supports of the courthouse—what the initial blast didn’t do, the structural damage would finish. I shudder to think what the costs of lives and repairs would be, had I not moved fast. 

Of course, I came to the standard “which red wire to cut” question, but a little math did the trick. I snipped the first, then dashed to the others. The final clock stopped at ten seconds, and finally, the ticking had stopped. There was just me, pumping with adrenaline and searching for any bombs in need of defusing.

A Daring Escape

I didn’t get the bad news until I reached the top of the stairs. The one who had planted the bombs, Lynne Glass? She’d kicked the guards away and took off, picked up by an unmarked van with a missing license plate. They were gone before anyone could reach their vehicles. 

So, I saved the day. I made it back home, receiving praise from my advisor. Still, I don’t feel my job is done yet. She’s still out there, and she may strike again! 

For now, I will take a few days to rest and recover after such a daring experience. But after that? After that, I’ll be on the hunt again, picking up her trail and stopping her before she goes too far.