‘Scooping’ Out the Competition

When you’re a secret agent like yours truly, staying on top of what’s happening in the spy world is extra important. You and your coworkers don’t exactly get a lot of opportunities to meet each other, which means you might miss out on your rivals, too. 

Lately, it seems like my fellow spies are popping up everywhere, and frankly, I can’t afford to keep missing out. I need to find out more about those around me so I’m truly prepared for anything. It’s the spy’s way, after all. 

After I ran into a few spies in unexpected places in these last few weeks, I decided to take a little time with one of my alter-egos, perfect for blending in to any scene and avoiding detection: Scoops McCoy. 

My Many Disguises

That’s right, folks. I don’t just moonlight as a lawyer. I’m also a world-class ice cream salesman. That gives me much more freedom than a suit—when was the last time you really paid attention to the man in the ice cream truck, after all? 

Of course, it’s not my only disguise. As mentioned before, I’m not just a lawyer-spy combo. In fact, I’m not even the only spy hiding within the food service industry. The hot dog stand on the corner of Fifth and Main? Spy. The guy flipping burgers at Happy Ham down the road? Spy. The woman selling kombucha from the back of her truck? Spy. 

Once you know what to look for, it’s easy to find your fellow spies. Sometimes, though, it can be a little tougher, which is why I’m using my truck to get a little closer. 

Local Lawyers? Or More Spies?

Of course, not every lawyer or food service worker is a spy, and some seem like they’re not spies, but they are. We’re masters of hiding in plain sight, after all, and sometimes, that makes finding your fellow agents a little tricky. Sometimes, it even means tailing the suspects to find what, exactly, they’re up to. 

I’ve been following a few attorneys lately, simply because I’m just not sure whether they’re spies or not. Sure, they spend most of their time helping clients, ensuring they get help for medical malpractice cases and injury claims, but that couldn’t be all they do, right? 

So, I included their street on my rounds, decided to find out more about the cases these guys are working, and started watching their offices closely as I delivered ice cream and drove around the neighborhood. So far, I’ve not seen any movement, but I’ll be keeping this blog updated as things progress. 

The Plot Thickens

To my surprise, it wasn’t the lawyers who turned out to be obvious agents and allies. No, as it turned out, I ran into someone much more serious. 

I had just parked for the night when I spotted her—the kombucha woman. I had a bottle sitting in my back freezer, in fact, ready to go in for testing. She had parked her truck, gotten out, checked her stock—nothing out of the ordinary here. 

I thought about stepping out and saying hello, before she took off her mask and wig. 

Really, it’s incredible what technology can do these days. She went from a middle-aged brunette with a soft, warm smile, to a stone-cold killer with chopped white hair and eyes that could pierce steel. It turns out I had her wrong after all. Yes, this was no fellow agent I was spying on. 

She was a nemesis

She didn’t hang around long, of course, though for a moment, I could have sworn she waved at my truck. Then, she was gone, leaving me with a thousand questions. Where had she disappeared? What was she doing here? And, more importantly, what had she already set in motion? 

I don’t have the answers yet, folks, but when I do, it’ll be a real adventure to do battle with Natalia deMilo in person.