Spies in South Carolina

Uncategorized / Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Personally, I like to think my little office in New York is the perfect perch for a spy like me. I can hide in plain sight as an attorney in the big city, and that big city is where all sorts of interesting (not to mention illegal) things happen.

However, sometimes one must branch out a little. This week was one of those times. 

I hadn’t planned it, but I needed to meet with a South Carolina personal injury lawyer as part of keeping up my ruse. It wasn’t supposed to be a major trip, but I found myself among the Blue Ridge Mountains despite all that. 

Making a Splash in Charleston

When I arrived in the heat of a bright Charleston day—though last I checked, it was supposed to be winter, but a spy is always prepared—I found myself surprised at what I found around me. You see, when you train to become a spy, you’re training to be able to spot the things around you that may be a little suspicious. Because of that, I was almost frustrated that I wasn’t here on other professional business. 

The first shop I stopped in for a drink was obviously a front for organized crime. A young woman passed me on the street wearing a symbol I knew to be the sign of another dangerous organization. The signs were there, if you knew where to look. 

Sadly, I couldn’t stop to chase a lead that may be nothing. 

Playing It Cool 

Once I received confirmation that I was to proceed as normal, I felt like, as they say, a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I met with the other attorney, several lawyers gathering together to discuss practices, but it was hard to focus. 

For example, dinner was lovely, but our waiter had a code tattooed on the back of one arm, where he must have thought it was hidden—another agent, but for the French government, or perhaps another government agency. There are so many; it’s difficult to keep the call numbers together. Still, what was he doing so far from home? 

Honestly, that frustrating situation nearly cost me my cover. The other lawyers, of course, noticed my distraction, leaving me to think fast and cover my own tracks. Still, I made notes and kept my eyes peeled for more. 

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

As I write this, I’m sitting in my hotel room, watching two people in trenchcoats meeting beneath a streetlight. As subtle as neon, yes, but who would really suspect the truth, nowadays? I watched them for a moment, then realized that perhaps I should leave the city more often. 

While New York is my base of operations, I’m beginning to realize that maybe a few things had slipped under my radar. There are mysterious goings-on elsewhere in the country, and as it is, there are a few loose ends I’d like to tie up that may take me further abroad. 

So, we’ll see what the future holds for me. For now, I have some thinking to do and, in the afternoon, some barbecue to enjoy.